Fast & low-cost pallet delivery

Get your load moving with our fast and reliable pallet delivery services operating all over Europe and other global destinations. Whether you are a business frequently organising palletised freight distribution or a one-time shipper who needs an efficient solution to transport bulky items, turn to Grigo Express for unbeatable pallet delivery prices.

When to use our pallet delivery services?

large number of packages

To send a large number of packages at once

bulky packages

When items are too bulky to be sent in packages

large household appliances

For moving furniture and large household appliances

Pallet Sizes

Variety of Sizes

When you need to get a consignment delivered that's too bulky, large or heavy to be shipped via standard methods, look no further than a specialist pallet service provided by Grigo Express. Whatever your delivery requirements, we've got a pallet service for the size and weight you need.

Choose from a mini quarter pallet - up to 150kg - all the way to a full 1000kg pallet, with plenty of other options in between. Plus, when you book at Grigo Express, you get some of the cheapest pallet quotes.

Why choose Grigo Express for pallet delivery?

Big consignments are a big responsibility. Here at Grigo Express, we understand the importance of expert pallet delivery companies handling your goods and delivering your pallets efficiently. This provides peace of mind by ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination on time and in the very best condition. When you choose to send a pallet through Grigo Express, you have several delivery options to choose from; so, whatever your needs and time constraints, we're sure to have the right service for you!


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