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Founded in 2010, Grigo Express has provided businesses large and small with the best value for money shipping via a wide variety of delivery partners. From one-off senders through to small, medium and large businesses, Grigo Express’s continual innovation approach is focused on simplicity.

Our Core Values


Committed to Quality

We only work with the world's best carriers, because quality, flexibility and reliability of service is crucial to our customers. So it is crucial to us. We know that image is everything and that we are representing your company. This is why all of our trained couriers drive company maintained vehicles, wear company uniforms and display picture identification. They each undergo Criminal and DMV Background Checks and are Bonded and Insured.


Create Amazing Experiences

Providing outstanding service is at the heart of the Grigo Express's philosophy, we want to make a real difference to our customers. We believe in understanding our customers and offering exceptional, personalised customer care. We are experts so our customers don’t need to be.

People First

Putting People First

At Grigo Express we believe in collaboration and a vibrant, lively workplace. We never forget that behind every parcel is a human being. We believe in treating people like people, and respecting employees, suppliers and most importantly customers. From the top down and back again. We believe that a commitment to people makes the difference.

We encourage collaboration, we encourage initiative, we nurture creativity, and we love a good idea. Our open-plan workspaces help our teams work together, fostering collaboration to find solutions to issues that arise. We believe in working together to make our service the best it can be.


Listen to what people are saying. Welcome Feedback

At Grigo Express we're always listening and we're always learning. That’s why feedback is so important to us, it helps us continually improve our service and we engage both customers and staff in the process of constant evolution and improvement.

When we receive a positive customer review, the agent that handled the case is always congratulated. When we get negative feedback, we always investigate, look at what we could have done better, learn, solve and evolve.

Our teams are incentivised, because we track reviews by case handler, and generously reward success. And we incentivise staff for the best ideas on our suggestions board. We call it listening, learning… then earning.

Inform. Educate. Innovate

Inform. Educate. Innovate

At Grigo Express we believe in keeping our customers informed. We know that parcel delivery in the 21st century is a highly complex global operation, and that our customers want to send parcels, cheaply, efficiently and simply. So we believe in providing every helping hand we can, on everything from customs navigation to how to package a parcel. We educate to empower and are committed to technological innovation.

At Grigo Express we don't just take your parcel and run. We believe in being open and transparent in everything we do. Our customer service team are based here in the UK and a highly trained, we provide real-time tracking on every shipment, we automatically email you if a problem occurs. We make booking easy and share our expertise on our help pages, blog and downloadable customer guides.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard

At Grigo Express we love what we do. As passionate as we are about parcel delivery, when works over, or it's time for a break, we also love to have fun.

So our breakout area always has something going on, whether it's a chin wag over lunch, people just kicking back, the Grigo Express pool sharks hustling away on the world's longest running pool tournament, or the ‘athletes’ in the team playing serious semi-pro football.

We love looking after our staff, and they love looking after our customers. That's what we call a winning team.


I used Grigo Express twice last week. I looked at the website and thought it best to contact staff to make sure I was doing it right. I found the lady very helpful both times.

- Nitin Shrivas | BIBA APPAREL

Service was great, communication when booking and throughout the delivery process was exactly what was required. Parts were delivered on time and with no reports of damage.

- Alokedeep Singh | Head E-Commerce, Titan.co.in

We thank Grigo Express for their great service, including timely pickup and delivery for which we are highly obliged. Our customers have given very good feedback about delivery experience.

- Anubhav Bansal | Co-founder, HEALTHMUG.COM

Thank you, Grigo Express for being part of our Company's success over the years. We greatly appreciate and value your hard work and success. Thanks for always listening to us. You are the BEST.

- Ashutosh Srivastava | Vice President - MEESHO

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