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Grigo Express connects shippers to transporters by offering simplified logistics solutions for any shipment, regardless of the volume, handling or urgency. We combine several different types of courier services in one single platform to find the right match for your shipping need, whatever it may be.

Standard courier

Standard Courier Service

The most affordable type of courier service available for sending regular-sized parcels and luggage. The standard courier service is ideal for shipping between individuals and businesses delivering products directly to their customers.

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Express package

Express Package Delivery

The Express Delivery Service is the fastest shipping alternative among all types of courier services available since the delivery is performed via air transport. It is ideal for shipping time-sensitive packages to your clients located around the globe.

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Express Envelope shipping

Express Envelope Shipping

Dedicated to sending letters, documents, and identification papers worldwide. Since paper-based documents do not have to undergo customs procedures, the Express Envelope offers an expedited solution for shipping urgent documents. Available for businesses and individuals.

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Pallet delivery

Pallet Delivery

The best solution for transporting bulky or heavy items. Available for businesses or individuals, with instant quotes for shipping within Europe. This is ideal for transporting a limited number of pallets

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Van Delivery

Van Delivery

Have an entire vehicle reserved for you. The Van Delivery Service is available in Europe and is the optimal type of courier service for relocations or for transporting larger shipments without stop-overs. Available for individuals and businesses.

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Shipping Containers

At Grigo Express, we organise cargo shipping in containers based on individual request. Please send us your shipping requirements, and one of our logistics experts will organise the right transport for your needs, be it by road, sea, rail, or air freight.

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I used Grigo Express twice last week. I looked at the website and thought it best to contact staff to make sure I was doing it right. I found the lady very helpful both times.

- Nitin Shrivas | BIBA APPAREL

Service was great, communication when booking and throughout the delivery process was exactly what was required. Parts were delivered on time and with no reports of damage.

- Alokedeep Singh | Head E-Commerce, Titan.co.in

We thank Grigo Express for their great service, including timely pickup and delivery for which we are highly obliged. Our customers have given very good feedback about delivery experience.

- Anubhav Bansal | Co-founder, HEALTHMUG.COM

Thank you, Grigo Express for being part of our Company's success over the years. We greatly appreciate and value your hard work and success. Thanks for always listening to us. You are the BEST.

- Ashutosh Srivastava | Vice President - MEESHO

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